About Brass Bands

Fox Valley Brass Band is a British Style Brass Band!

A typical brass band in the British tradition numbers ~30 performers (including percussion) and consists of:

Soprano cornet in Eb

Cornets in Bb

Flugel horn in Bb

Tenor horns in Eb

Baritone horns in Bb

Tenor trombones  in Bb

Bass trombone  in C

Euphoniums in Bb

Tubas (2 in Eb and 2 in Bb)

2 or 3 Percussion players


Parts are doubled as needed.


Fox Valley Brass Band

Traditional brass band performance

An excellent description about brass bands and their history can be found on the North American Brass Band Association (NABBA) website here and also on the Wikipedia site for British Brass Bands here


Brass Bands are very versatile and can participate in multiple types of musical events such as Marches, Marching Bands, and competitive matches in addition to the more traditional seated concert hall performances.


Fox Valley Brass Bandís focus is the more traditional concert hall experience.† We focus on several high quality performances annually around our community, but are not actively engaged in or pursuing competitive events.

We are a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization.† Your donations are tax deductible.† Please donate today!


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