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Are you interested in joining the ensemble?  Please fill out our online inquiry form linked here!  We are accepting auditions via YouTube Video uploads!

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You can also record yourself with an Apple or Android device and simply share the video with  Here is a tutorial about making video recordings on a phone.


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Audition Materials

An audition selection chosen by each player will be part of the audition.  In addition,  specific excerpts are included below specific to each section.


Excerpts from “Divertimento—Yankee Doodles”
(Some parts excluded from auditions, please use the next appropriate part from your section)


Solo Cornet (mm 14-41, 133-164)                    
Second Cornet (mm 38-54, 106-139)    
Flugelhorn (mm 29-43, 139-155)
Solo Horn Eb (mm 16-43, 134-155)
First Horn Eb (mm 25-43, 134-155)
First Trombone (mm 28-46, 134-155)
Bass Trombone (mm 20-46, 103-122)
Euphonium (mm 11-53, 139-157)
Eb Bass Tuba (mm 7-53, 105-122)
Bb Bass Tuba (mm 7-46, 120-157)
Percussion (mm 7-17, 134-158)
Timpani (mm 1-39)


Final audition videos should contain both a piece chosen by the player and the required music specified by section.  These may come in a single or separate videos. (See the information above for video information)


You may also email inquiries to:

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